Of the various types of Massage Therapy, the general intention of most massage techniques is to increase circulation, rid the body of toxins, and enhance the wellness of each client, based on their specific needs.

Studies show that Therapeutic Massage also increases awareness of body-mind connections, which helps foster a feeling of calm and general well-being, and a greater sense of being in control of stressful situations. Massage has also been proven to reduce heart rate, lower blood pressure, increase circulation, relax muscles, improve flexibility and increases energy levels


Hair Services


We are dedicated to helping you achieve personal wellness and beauty. We invite you to take a look at the array of services we offer our clients. From luxurious and relaxing spa services to our quality hair care cuts, styles and treatments, there is something for everyone.

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Massage Services


Massages can increase your awareness of the stress you hold in your body. Vintage Salon and Spa provides many types of massage services to help you relax. We can accommodate you in one of our relaxing massage rooms or at your home.

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Hair Extensions


Beautiful Hair Extensions may significantly change the way you look and give you the hair you've always dreamed of.

We are a Great Lengths USA Certified Salon

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